-          4 beets (one beet per person).

-          ½ cucumber

-          ½ spring onion

-          1 glove of garlic (small one)

-          olive oil

-          salt

-          balsamic vinegar


-          pistachios

-          takuan (pickled daikon)

-          ½ cucmber

-          dill

-          yogurt


Clean the beets, cut off the leaves and the roots and steam for 1 hour, until they are soft and can be easily pricked with a knife. Let them stand for 15 minutes and peel them. Use latex gloves because they stain a lot.


In a blender, put in the beets, half a cucumber, half a spring onion (it is better if you put in a quarter, and later when you taste it, if necessary, add the other quarter), one glove of garlic (the same with the spring onion, add half and later the other half), and blend it. Add pinch of salt, a trickle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Taste it and correct with more ingredients, if necessary. The taste must be balanced. It must taste mainly like beet and some cucumber, a little  garlic, and olive oil.


Serve in a  deep plate, add some yogurt and pistacho crumbs, minced takuan, minced cucumber and a little dill.


Riviera Blanc series 

Recipe by La Cocina de Mirinda